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The Events & Travel sector is focused on planners of conferences, trade shows, incentive meetings and other types of destination travel. Budgets and spending in this sector are large - and there are many events each year, looking to connect event planners with hotels, resorts, airlines, and destination management companies.

Events & Travel are home to some of the most sophisticated events in the world. IMEX and IBTM are pioneers in running complex Hosted Buyer driven events. This sector is unique in that event planners control very large budgets for very specific and near term purchasing requirements. Which makes the conferences so valuable - hundreds of real buyers, and they use their time efficiently shopping for locations and vendors.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you run a superior event targeting the Events and Travel market. We have as sophisticated meetings platform as any of the bigger shows. And we combine this with the registration you need for attendees and exhibitors, along with mobile, onsite registration and lead retrieval.

Compete with the best


Challenge: How do we compete with powerhouse events like IMEX and IBTM World?

MeetMax solution: Many events in the Events and Travel industry choose a niche or subset of the market, rather than competing head-on with a broad focus. They may choose winter travel, or Destinations only, or a regional focus. What MeetMax provides, though, is the platform to help compete on all the features these larger shows offer.

MeetMax has powered travel events with complex Buyer application forms, Exhibitor registration and booth selection, and multi-phased meeting programs incorporating Hosted Buyer as well as a general 1x1 program. However you choose you complete, MeetMax can help you succeed.

Too many vendors


Challenge: Dealing with multiple technology vendors is exhausting and time consuming.

MeetMax solution: We have seen close up the frustrations Clients experience when they have one vendor for attendees, another for exhibitors and floor plan, another for the App, and often another for 1x1 meetings. This is the worst of all worlds - incredible amount of time working with the different vendors on your needs, time and money moving data form one system to another, a tedious workflow for attendees having to log into different platforms, and some features are always lost along the way.

MeetMax can provide attendee registraiton AND exhibitor registration, complete with floor plan, booth selection, profiles and payment. We are the most sophisticated 1x1 platform on the market. Our App allows attendees and exhibitors to keep booking meetings while on site - which is the most important feature of your event, and we can event provide the badging and lead retrieval. One vendor, fewer headaches.

Differentiate ourselves


Challenge: We'd like to differentiate ourselves with our meeting program?

MeetMax solution: If your goal is to run an innovative meetings program - MeetMax is the right partner for you. Your choices or program style are almost endless. A few examples:

1. A double blind request process where Planners and Suppliers request each other anonymously, and meeting are created prioritizing mutual requests, then Planner requests, then Supplier requests.

2. A planner-driven program where planner requests are instantly confirmed - and Suppliers can edit or cancel but are not required to confirm. Suppliers can make requests too, and gaps in Planner and Supplier schedules are filled using Supplier requests (using Meetax automation).

3. Have Suppliers and Planners complete a few question asking what type of meetings they are seeking - and then create all the meetings yourself using automation based on matches of interest between Planner and Supplier - and fill in the gaps with a phase 2 process of Planner led requests

However you wish to compete - MeetMax is here to help.

Keep to a Budget


Challenge: We do not have the budget of IMEX or IBTM.

MeetMax solution: Using separate vendors for different aspects of your event will add substantially to your cost. A vendor for registration, another for the App, another for the 1x1 Meeting Program, perhaps another for badging and lead retrieval.

This is expensive in multiple ways - each vendor will charge for set up and event management. You will send more time managing multiple vendors. You have the problem of moving data form one vendor to another. You are logging in to multiple vendors for reports.

MeetMax help you keep costs down. By providing a complete service, account and data management are minimized. Allow us to provide lead retrieval, and perhaps even a handling fee for attendees - and you have reduced your costs still further.

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