Investor Conferences

Investor Conferences are your opportunity to bring corporate issuers, investors, and research and banking staff together together for presentations and 1x1 meetings. They are the mosty effective tool a brokerage firm has for driving business. More efficient than roadshows for meeting and marketing to issuers and trading accounts, you may have a few large events a year or many industry specialty summits.

Everyone is highly motivated to be there. Investors want to learn to learn what's new, and meet the issuers. Companies want to meet investors, and hear new corporate finance ideas from bankers.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you host your ideal Investor Conference - experience, support and most importantly the technology.

1x1 Meeting Program

Challenge: Efficiently gather meeting requests from investors, schedule meetings and release schedules.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax's 1x1 platform allows investor to make well informed decisions about who to request. Filtering of presenters by category, elegant profiles describing each company, ability to rank order requests. Flexible rules allow Companies to review requests if you wish.

Requests can be scheduled into meetings carefully but efficiently by hand, using a company's limited timeslots to maximum use, choosing who to put in groups meetings, separating the company into two diaries for the CEO and CFO separately to add capacity. OR use of MeetMax automation to schedule all the requests for a Company or an Institution. Hundreds of requests scheduled in a few minutes.

Schedules can be made available online to attendees, or emailed out on mass, or made available though the app, or accessible at self-service print kiosks onsite. Onsite changes can trigger an App notification so no meeting is missed.

Full Service Vendor

All in One

Challenge: You do many of these a year with a small staff. This needs to be easy and efficient.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can provide your entire registration platform for the event - registration forms, payment if taken, keynote and workshop sessions, profiles on products and partners, floor plan assignment for exhibitors, 1x1 meetings, the event App, and onsite badging and signage.

A single platform means you won't be wasting time with multiple vendors, moving data from one platform to another, testing the App separately from the main website.

You can even use our MeetMax Connect service to set up the site, run the meetings program, and oversee onsite badging - so you can apply your precious time to work with key presenters, exhibitors and product managers.

Reporting, Reporting, Reporting


Challenge: Brokerage firms require detailed reporting, to assign activity to Client (in the new MiFID envirnment) and develop compelling ROI data.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax has a vast selection of built in reports. All data, from attendees, companies, requests, meetings, can be filtered, and output as spreadsheets with whatever fields are needed.

Graphical reports show registration and request levels over time, and allow you to overlay registration development versus the prior year's event.

For clients who need very particular reports, combining data and available to users of their intranet, MeetMax's API allows them to pull different data sets and combine them as desired into any type of report. Management can track registration, request data, meeting data and other key performance metrics that tracks the event.

Wow your Clients


Challenge: Make a statement to your Clients that is modern and impactful - and provides real value to attendees and companies.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax offers many ways to help you wow your Clients.

Schedule printing kiosks (attendees scan their badge QR code and their meeting schedule automatically prints for them) delight attendees who no longer need to stand in line.

A 70-inch digital main lobby display of the presentation schedules in sharp 4G - creates an immediate wow factor when attendees arrive on site.

When clients receive a meeting change notification on their Event App, and learn their 2pm have moved location, they are impressed.

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