Capital Introduction Conferences

Capital Introduction Conferences are your opportunity to bring corporate clients, business partners and solution providers, together with account managers and product experts from your company into one location. They are one of the most exciting types of live event. Everyone is highly motivated to be there. Clients want to learn to learn what's new. Prospects want to be convinced by product experts and peers. Parters and solution providers want to demonstrate their value to Client success.

A true meetings program can take this to a new level.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you host your ideal Capital Introduction Conference - experience, support and most importantly the technology.

The best 1x1 Meeting platform


Challenge: These events are really important to the Funds. How do we make sure the 1x1 meetings program really works well for them?

MeetMax solution: MeetMax's 1x1 meeting platform can be configured to run the exact meeting program you need for your fund and investors. You can let investors and funds choose each other, and pick their own meetings. OR you could let them make requests - but carefully moderated the meetings yourself. You could even simply have them all complete profiles, and schedule meetings based on matching profiles. You can even run a combination.

However you structure the program, MeetMax will help you ensure that the fund has a fuill schedule of meetings and leaves satisfied. You can measure that satisfaction by having funds use the MeetMax event app to complete a survey for each meeting. You will see the results and be able to measure satisfaction for every fund.

Promoting the Funds


Challenge: Investors need information about the funds in order to make requests? How do we make this easy?

MeetMax solution: When reviewing the funds to make requests, investor can click on each one and see a profile for that fund. These profiles are available on the web and via the MeetMax app, for access prior, during and after the event.

The funds can provide all the information an investor would need, including contact details, fund characteristics, recent news releases and any final documents they wish to share. Investors likewise can share information about themselves, and the types of fund they are seeking. Profiles act as background information, and a way of filtering meeting prospects.

When investors have their meetings assigned, they can easily access the profiles for all the funds they will be meeting, and print them off in one action as support materials for their day.

Easy to Run your Event


Challenge: We are not a large team and events is a small part of what we do. How easy is this?

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can help you set up the first event based on the exact type of program you want. Thereafter, any new event can be copied directly from this orginal base event. The new event is ready in minutes.

MeetMax is very easy to use. From reaching out to attendees, t scheduling the meetings if you choose to moderate, you will be amazed at how much you can do with a small team.

MeetMax Connect can offer backup assistance in certain tasks as well. We can manage the 1x1 Meeting Program for you if you wish.

Marketing your Event


Challenge: How can MeetMax help us market the event?

MeetMax solution: We can provide multiple ways of helping you markting the event. If you use email marketing - we can create a dedicated email account for you, help design elegant invites, and even integrate to Marketo if you do intense marketing management.

MeetMax is very knowledgeable about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Cick) if you need help and advice about setting up and tracking online marketing programs using Google Adwords, Tag Manager and Analytics.

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