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Trade Shows are your opportunity to bring corporate clients, business partners and solution providers, together with account managers and product experts from your company into one location. They are one of the most exciting types of live event. Everyone is highly motivated to be there. Clients want to learn to learn what's new. Prospects want to be convinced by product experts and peers. Parters and solution providers want to demonstrate their value to Client success.

A true meetings program can take this to a new level.

MeetMax has everything you need to help you host your ideal Trade Show - experience, support and most importantly the technology.

Keep the Members/Exhibitors happy


Challenge: How to ensure that the main constituency of the Association is excited and happy.

MeetMax solution: MeetMax offers many ways to help the Members/Exhibitors make the most of the event.

Exhibitor registration allows them to choose their booth from our floor plan, create a really elegant profile highlighting their product gallery, latest news, and add their attendees directly into the same system used by Attendees.

They can participate in a real 1x1 Meeting program - and find new customers by doing all their meeting scheduling ahead of time - not leaving it to chance onsite.

Onsite, the MeetMax App helps their booth to be discovered by attendees, promotes their profile, and the MeetMax lead retrieval App lets exhibitors capture leads.

Keep the show fresh and relevant


Challenge: How do we keep up with new entrants coming into the trade show market?

MeetMax solution: Provide a real 1x1 Meeting Program. For Association Trade Shows - this is fast becoming a must. Private shows like IMEX (travel) do a really excellent job of connecting buyers and sellers in a dense program of scheduled meetings that make their events a must-attend.

MeetMax lets you provide something very similar for your event. Whatever type of program you want to offer - from hosted-buyer sub-event to open-access meetings - MeetMax can be configured to provide just what you need. We can help you design your program and even help you run it if you are new to scheduled meetings.

Scheduled 1x1 Meetings makes a massive difference to an Exhibitor's ROI for the event. No longer relying on chance, and hoping to see the right prospect walk past - they can engage with the attendees before the event, and create meetings between top prospects and the right account executives

Doing more with a small team


Challenge: We are not a large team. How do we manage these different technologies?

MeetMax solution: MeetMax can help you choose programs that are valuable to you and not gimmicks. And by providing all the major components of the technology, your data management tasks, and event management phone calls are kept manageable.

One login for all your data and all your reporting. MeetMax Connect can offer backup assistance in certain tasks as well. We can manage the 1x1 Meeting Program for you if you wish.

Keeping to a budget

All in One

Challenge: How do we offer more at the event, but keep the cost in line with our budget?

MeetMax solution: Using separate vendors for different aspects of your event can add substantially to your cost. A vendor for your floor plan, one for Attendees, another for the App, another for the 1x1 Meeting Program, perhaps another for badging and lead retrieval.

This is expensive in multiple ways - each vendor will charge for set up and event management. You will send more time managing multiple vendors. You have the problem of moving data form one vendor to another. You are logging in to multiple vendors for reports.

MeetMax help you keep costs down. By providing a complete service, account and data management are minimized. Allow us to provide led retrieval, and perhaps even a handling fee for attendees - and you have reduced your costs still further.

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